5 LeTV 1s palpable lies

In the 27 October of LeTV 1s conference,Jiayueting at least said 5 palpable lies!

When Millet and 360 are doing cameras, millet to push a copy called “all-glass lens.” This makes the president of   360 confused, so he and his colleagues had the following conversation:

Zhou: “We (the lens) is not glass?”

Colleague: “Brother, is glass.”

Zhou: “Why do not we say that?”

Colleague: “users know ah.”

Zhou: “Wrong, users do not know, I do not know. ”


Zhou: “What else is different?”

Colleague: “We are five (glass), millet is four.”

Zhou: “Then write five pieces all-glass lens. ”



Not finished, Zhou final choice of schemes is – five all-optical ultra-HD translucent glass. Product from start to finish did not change, infectious cloud of mud becomes you feel. Maybe someone will feel swindle, but from a technical perspective, Zhou did not lie.

This practice in the business world do not quite enumerate, but which certainly does not include Jia Yueting(The president of LeTV). After seeing the 27 October of LeTV 1s conference, you have to admit, Jia definitely is the most fearless fighter under “New Advertising Law”. Specific comments are as follows:

5 LeTV 1s palpable lies

5 LeTV 1s palpable liesOne

Jia Yueting: “Our RAM 3G, ROM 32G, really want to lead the mobile phone industry entered the era of double-3.”

Truth: In Zhongguancun offer, the phone screening conditions at RAM 3G, after the ROM 32G, you can seized 68 mobile phones (listed).

Jia Yueting follow up: “Now a lot of domestic Android phone, 2G (RAM) has been their flagship of course, their so-called hundred phones, red and blue phone (MEIZU and red mi) or 1G,. even 512K era. ”

I say: If Jia Yueting said establishment, and that only two possibilities. He and we are not the same China, or he and we are not the same space-time (delayed about 2 years).



Jia Yueting: “On our next-generation mobile phones, the whole body you can not see any screw which is unique in the world of all-metal fuselage design.”

Truth: The new HTC One released in February 2013. HTC One M8 released in April 2014. HTC One M9 released in March 2015(HTC one.. are all-metal fuselage design).

I say: HTC Cher Wang is not required, but Jia Yueting.

5 LeTV 1s palpable liesThree

Jia Yueting: “We did it lighter. the weight of same 5.5-inch phone lighter than Apple’s (iPhone) 6s Plus 23g.”

Truth: the same 5.5-inch phone, Meizu MX 5 lighter than the iPhone 6S Plus 46g, Huawei-head 4 to iPhone 6s Plus light 25g, Qiku youth version of the phone to iPhone 6s Plus light 20g.

I say: This looks like the size of a full metal handset rarely heavier than the iPhone 6s Plus. Jia Yueting you specifically pick up “any punches either” pinch is what does this mean?


Jia Yueting: “Global Unique hidden design, it will become more beautiful. We look at the Friends(other hand phone brand) are either physical buttons, or virtual key. to see how we are to achieve, is it Beautiful … beautiful and breathtaking. ”

Truth: Friends look at is how to do, HTC G11 interest-screen buttons hidden, is it beautiful … beautiful and breathtaking. The aircraft Posted on March 2011.

I say: It was a very strange HTC in that era, but he has this design.


Jia Yueting: “The new emperor was born to run sub… even if it is the same chip –helio X10 (turbo), the third mobile phone (MX 5) run more than ten percent or more points difference.”

Truth: In the run sub-contrast depending on their given music, Leshi 1s ran 55,958 points, MX 5 ran 53,330 points.

I say: 55 958 53 330 higher than the ten percent? Jia Yueting’s mathematics in the end who is taught? But it is not a slip of tongue. 53330 points on Keynote’s own published Meizu MX 5 conference on the results, released last month in LEI run sub-score in, MX 5 ran only 47032 points.Jia Yueting so more than ten percent above the mouth, should be on the surface sounding, in fact borrowed knife sheep.

This bug tells us that at the press conference to run sub-beating and hanging with the opponents, and one day will be shooting themselves in the foot.

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