5 things that regret not doing after use wordpress

5 things that regret not doing after use wordpressToday, most of the sites have been plagued by the comment spam, like my site now has more than 200 subscribers, but we all know that almost are spammer, they continuously advertising in my article comments, moderate these ads really make people irritable.

So we have to take some measures to protect our website, there are 5 things we need to do.

After installing the WordPress, we need to make some basic optimization and adjustment to the WordPress before we start writing the blog, here are the most basic optimization and adjustment after I have installed WordPress:

1   Change permanent link

WordPress default permanent link is like http://blog.wpjam.com/?p=1282, this is the permanent link only to say that this is ID 1282 post, and no other information, if the link is modified into http://blog.wpjam.com/article/after-wordpress-is-installed/, you know that the link is initially released in March 25, 2008, to explain the installation of WordPress should do things, and this will be more friendly to search engines.
To change the permanent link go to the WordPress Dashboard > Settings > permalinks.

2   Replace the default theme

Choose a more professional or suited to their personality theme, will let you feel you are serious in writing blog, writing blog need professional attitude, not only in content, but also include the theme of the blog.

Now there are thousands of topics that can be downloaded, you can choose your favorite theme from http://wordpress.org/extend/themes//, if you want to more highlight your personality, you can also design their own, or find someone to design .

To change the theme, WordPress Dashboard >Appearance >Themes.

3  Update the blog’s Ping service

Ping services will allow search engines or RSS reader to know you have updated the blog, it will come to grab your blog more quickly, and let more people read your blog earlier. WordPress official document provides a list of Ping services. But absolutely is not enough.

To change the Ping service, go to the WordPress Dashboard > Settings > writing.

Blog Ping service list:


4  shielding log revision function

After the WordPress 2.6 has a feature called log revision, each revision will be inserted in the posts table records, if the log is modified several times, it will be inserted in a number of records in the database.

So if each log into multiple revision records, database query will slow down, if you just put WordPress as a blog rather than a CMS, is revision log is not functional, in order to provide WordPress efficiency, we need to shielding log revision feature of WordPress.

Shielding WordPress log revision function can be added in the “wp-config.php” as following  code:

define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);

5  Activate Akismet

Akismet is the official Automatic WordPress production of anti spam comments plugin, he can prevent spam messages and Trackbacks, so that your blog is basically the problem of spam messages. It is one of the most functional plugin in WordPress blog.

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