How Jack Ma make money

Jack maJack Ma undoubtedly is the most successful festival of China’s manufacturer. He turns the “double 11” Single day to Shopping day.

In 2015 double 11, just 12 minutes 28 seconds, the Tmall turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan, 58 minutes 17 seconds, Tmall mobile terminal sales of billions of dollars. 36 minutes, Jingdong double 11 turnover more than 14 million of the total amount  in the last year. The alliance with ALI Suning is within 1 hours after the start of the whole network sales orders rose 389%.

In Jack ma’s words, “double 11 has become a way of life for Chinese consumers.” This day Chinese consumer release of scary consumer desire, let foreign media astonished. And with the evolution of the Internet in recent years, the double 11 is no longer a pure electric business competition, and gradually evolved into a showdown between giant ecological chain.

Double 11, what is it bring to them?
In 2009, as the first year of Ali double 11, this year, Taobao Mall in a single day trading volume reached 50 million yuan. 2010, double 11 single day sales reached 936 million, more than 20 thousands yuan per second transaction. 2011 double 11, Taobao Mall and Taobao joint promotions, a record 5.2 billion.
2012 double 11, Tmall and Taobao total sales reached 19.1 billion, of which, Tmall is 13.2 billion, Taobao is 5.9 billion. 2013, Tmall double 11 total turnover reached 35.018 billion yuan. In 2014 Tmall continue running in double 11, the total amount of the transaction has reached 57.112 billion yuan.
At this time the Ali has became the Internet giant of the world, in September 2014 listed on the NYSE, market capitalization topped 200 billion US dollars, close to the total market capitalization of the Amazon and eBay. The bat in Baidu has been left behind, and Ma’s worth once more than Wang Jianlin, jump to the mainland’s richest man, carry forward the tyrant’s wayward, buy, buy, buy, hate not half of the Internet to buy.
In 2009 double 11 activity, the highest of single store sales is the 5 million JACK&JONES. In 2013, this data set is 553 million, an increase of more than 100 times, and the creation of this group of data is Lei Jun XiaoMi mobile phone. In 2013, the double 11, XiaoMi sales of mobile phones on the day 340 thousands, a electricity sales champion in mobile phone category. 2014 11, XiaoMi sales of mobile phones on the day 1.16 million, sales of 1.56 billion yuan.
Lei succeed standing in the teeth of storm “thinking of the Internet”  and XiaoMi as a catfish activated the domestic mobile phone market, trigger a new round of battle for the entrance of the Internet. In the past few years, where appears XiaoMi place there will be disputes, on the one hand domestic mobile phone manufacturers while imitating the XiaoMi, on the other hand denouncing XiaoMi. However, no matter how denounced, finally to road to the “XiaoMi”.

JingDong also tasted the sweetness in Double 11 , according to the relevant data show that in 2013 Jingdong in double 11 during the turnover of more than 3.5 billion yuan, 3 times in 2012 double 11, and in 2014 after Tencent shares, Jingdong on the day of the double 11 turnover more than 14 million, the transaction volume suddenly broke 10 billion yuan.

Double 11 brings to Ali and Jingdong is not just a single volume and sales surge, there is demand for its own brand of large area and long time exposure and public relations and even take this as an opportunity to become the Internet giant ecological chain between confrontation training field.
Ali in 2014 there is a big move is strategic invest meizu. The development of smart phones and the Internet is driven by each other, as the main bearer of the mobile Internet, smart phones will become the future of the entrance of the Internet of things. XiaoMi rapid move will undoubtedly make the traditional Internet giants as QQ as IM tremble with fear in one’s boots, the first tool Tencent achievement.
Jingdong is obviously not so wealthy, only to bet on the intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, so to boss named “Jingdong intelligent milk tea shop” opened, main is the intelligent hardware incubation.
Offline layout will undoubtedly Ali and Jingdong future development direction, but also the inevitable trend of O2O. Ali choose cooperator Suning, Jingdong’s damage pretty big, although Jingdong shares Yonghui supermarket, but the volume of Yonghui cannot compare to Suning, stock prices fall a lot for this. But Jingdong currently pushing home services, and in the three or four line of urban and rural areas have begun to force the establishment of line to help service shop, although there is still a gap with ALI, but basically put other competitors behind.
Internet banking is a higher level of competition, but also the future direction of Ali and Jingdong future. Both sides from money, credit, payment, fund, insurance, all the chips and other areas to start fighting, ant payment service has been launched Internet propeller plan, plans to push 1000 financial institutions to upgrade to the new financial in 5 years, Jingdong also unwilling to lag behind, in all the chips and the insurance doing prosper.
For Jack Ma, the electricity business platform is just the basis of the construction of the Empire, from this perspective, Ali and Jingdong can not be the same amount of opponents, Ali is the face of Tencent and Jingdong alliance. As is stated above, double 11 of the war is no longer the competition between business platform, but has been involved in all aspects of our life, but also the layout of the Internet giant best training battlefield.
Put in a few years ago, we will be hard to imagine that the Internet really will make our life a lot of changes, especially the growth and influence of these Internet Co is to make us feel incredible. When the Internet is more and more involved in our life, playing continuesly important influence, really will be like Jack Ma said, this is a new way of life.

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